Calendar Item: Explode La Mode's third edition is kicking off this Saturday at the Someday Lounge, where in addition to the runway show you'll be able to dance into the AM with DJs Kassette, Paperstack, and Dr. Adam. This year's lineup:

Tony Dimitri, Erhart, Studio SKB, Revival Clothing, Element Couture, Robin Forsythe, Kehle Schmeller, Ehlers Productions, Urban Girl NW, Atomic Daylight, Schwarz & Weiss, Layers Squared, and Lizz Dot Kay.

The new location's more party prone than the P:ear gallery that held last year's event, so expect anything but an austere presentation. This show is all about fun and inclusion (I know, fashion and inclusion? Only in PDX!): Peep the video of the 2nd edition to get a feel:

And, on a personal note, check out the shoes that Jason Ehlers of Ehlers Productions just made for me along with my friend Chris—my first pair of locally made shoes!!


(Photo by Jesse Champlin)