Hmm, Nolita is moving. I hope I can still use my MercPerks!

From the press release:

After five years in its Pearl District location, Nolita will make the move to a new space. The transition will happen later this summer to evolve the original offering with a fresh approach. The current lease expires in August and the owner, Margit Meriwether, felt this would be the perfect time to redefine the Nolita concept.
In the meantime, all remaining stock at the Portland location will be liquidated. Select fixtures will be for sale, and all clothing will be at least 40-80 percent off retail. The sale, which Nolita is calling the “Movin’ on Sale” will run July 22 to July 31, 2009.

Stay tuned for the address of this mysterious move.

UPDATE from Nolita's Katy Kippen:

So... to the best of my knowledge, the owner is planning on staying on the West Side of town... location TBD, as there are several great spots open, and the existing lease is paid through September. The goal of the "Movin' on Sale" is to clear out the old, and open with fresh stock entirely. The fixtures were all custom for the Pearl space—the same designer will be creating all new cabinets & racks coinciding with a new "overall look" for the new store.

This all said... I will not be a part of the new "Nolita" myself, and neither will any of my former staff. However, change can be good! One of my former coworkers will be going back to school, and the other is busy launching his own line of clothing, and hopes to move to LA soon.

I will be apprenticing for jeweler John Rink (see guide #1) this Fall and launching a new jewelry line soon. In addition, I've begun consulting with other small retailers to assist with their store marketing strategies...this seems to be something I (strangely) enjoy! :)