If you've heard me talking about Portland Fashion Synergy and you'd like to get more involved in their activities (making high quality, small run local production a reality, opening new markets for Portland-designed apparel in China, awarding grants to apparel design students), here is your golden opportunity: The group is hosted a launch/mixer on Wednesday, August 19 at Saucebox where you are invited to network as well as check out a video from China Fashion Week showcasing the 12 PDX designers whose work was shown there as well as further details on the group's upcoming events. If you're working in the industry in Portland this is a good time to get involved with an organization at the ground level. Its ultimate purpose is still very much being shaped, but it exists out of a need for Portland fashion to get support and find its footing. Now's the time.


Portland model and Synergy affiliate Jillian Rabe modeling for a Chinese classroom