There is NO WAY I am wearing my stupid rain pants today, I don't care how much water is coming from the sky. It's August!
I'll just deal with wet pants.
That's not an okay strategy for a daily bike commuter during the long rainy winter...but I can't bear to put on the rain pants ever again!
Here's my NEW strategy.
On top: the killer red anorak from the Stand-Up Comedy/Slow and Steady Wins the Race collaboration. It's long enough to cover my thighs. If you like it call Stand Up Comedy and get on the wait list—I'm on it already.


On bottom: the Swims I bought last year at Winn Perry—galoshes that fit over your shoes and pants, up to mid-calf. They'll have them again this year, but get yours early because they sell out.

I realize this strategy will leave some pant leg exposed. So maybe...
Hunter boots, ala Kate Moss circa 2005, sold this year at Parallel.

I'm going to make it happen. I am not wearing rain pants ever again!