Portland indie fashion titan Olio United has hit its terrible (terribly awesome!) twos, and it's time for a birthday bash! Except instead of having to give them presents they're just showering you with stylin' party favors. I don't remember being this cool when I was two, but I'm also not a DIY art and fashion retail collective. In honor of their second year, Olio's online store will be offering a Birthday Sale through the 15th (that's Saturday!), which means every customer will get 20% off their ENTIRE ORDER. Just enter the code "happybday" when prompted at checkout, and you're golden (as in, you will have lots of gold left, because you just saved yourself so much money! Disclaimer: you cannot literally pay for online purchases in gold, even if you are Jafar or have mad ingots just chillin' in your pockets. Sucks).

Feel free to buy me any of the following from Olio:




AND THEN! The sale saga dramatically continues: Sunday the 16th is the epic and hotly anticipated Bargain Hunting 101 event at the Crystal Ballroom. Fifty Portland boutiques will be selling super discounted merch in vendor stalls, kind of like a flea market, only EVERYTHING IS GOOD and nothing smells faintly like mothballs or poo. Retailers represented include Olio (obvi), as well as all these guys. It's kind of a big deal and it will definitely rule, so get a good night's sleep on Saturday and show up early — the event lasts from 12-5. Check out these insider tips for an optimal bargain-hunting experience.