Just about perfectly timed with the final snuffing out of summer came the end of my experience with the Recess boot camp program. When I began, I was already a runner and a fair weather bike commuter, and I'm conscientious about what I eat, so there wasn't an enormous change in my weight over the course of the program (although I bested myself in all categories of strength testing). Aside from introducing me to a variety of instructors—one of the most recommendable things about the program is how good it is at keeping things interesting and varied—for everything from Pilates and yoga to hoop dancing (none of which is very boot camp-y, granted) to mixed martial arts and resistance training. It was a great excuse to be outside and since it ended I've found myself extra motivated to not just work out but to vary what I do and to make time for less cardio-heavy activities without feeling like it doesn't count because I didn't end up soaked in sweat. It's also been a tad lonely suddenly not seeing the people I was working out with three days a week. But one of the many perks of the Recess program is that it loads you down with coupons for free classes at a variety of fitness centers around town, so hopefully we'll bump into each other again soon. It's all about keeping this momentum going—til next year.

In the meantime, I get to pick out a pair of new running shoes to spend my Recess-issued gift certificate to Fit Right Northwest!


Oh, they are all so ugly. You just gotta go for it.