I just got back late last night from New York City (more on that later) and although I quite enjoy the speed and scale of Manhattan, being around so much big-ness gives me a renewed appreciation for the small, thoughtful projects that I encounter all the time by contrast here at home. A recent find has been Locket2You, a line of brass locket necklaces painted with vintage illustrations by Portland couple Scott McCarty and Miranda Layton. You can find them on Etsy (proper web site forthcoming) as well as Presents of Mind, Fuchsia, and Frock, and they have several wholesale accounts in Germany and one in Paris. The selection of images is pretty comprehensive, which is important when creating the kind of piece so overtly implies personal meaning. I have to admit I am beyond weary of bicycle and octopus motifs, but there is plenty else (and plenty other species) that catch my eye.


I've been itching to work some paisley into my wardrobe this fall—this would certainly be a simple, subtle way to do it!

Maybe camels could be the new owls?