So it's been about a week's worth of self-torture ogling the orgy of new Stella McCartney lingerie and kittens that is the Lille Boutique blog—I am not exaggerating, look!


Anyway, let's just say there are some things in there I'd like to try on, and then as usual I tripped on a crack and found an excuse to stop in: Next Friday (First Friday, Oct 2) they are having their customary art opening, this time for "In the Stillness," an exhibit of paintings and sketches by Kari Dunham. And, because it will be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 10% of the day's profits will go toward breast cancer research. There will also be a free prize drawing for those who make certain purchases, such as pink lingerie or Dunham's work. As always, Lille will pop a few corks and break out the snacks.