People who say they hate perfume haven't smelled really good perfume. Subtle, natural, never just smell good. I wear a scent every day and people can't usually tell unless I say something.
Tonight, I'm headed over to Nationale for the launch of Olo Fragrance's new scent, Victory Wolf. Victory Wolf is made in town by Heather Sielaff; the label was designed by artist and scarf designer Jason Kinney. Full disclosure: Heather, Jason and I worked together at the Gap in Charlotte, NC in the 90s. I haven't smelled Victory Wolf yet, but it sounds great. Here's how Heather describes it:

Victory Wolf has a few things in it but the main ingredients are cedarwood, tobacco and cade. Cade has a beautiful smokey birch tar aroma. Every time I smell it, I feel like I've been sitting by a bonfire. I made it for Jonathan because I wanted to make a smokey, masculine scent that smelled natural. Cologne for men mostly overwhelms me so I wanted a scent that makes you feel like it's there for a reason. An event or an act caused it to be. Going to a bonfire with friends is a good time and you smell awesome when you get home.

If you can't make it tonight, head over to Nationale and check it out this weekend!