And so it begins! Tonight Portland Fashion Week kicks off with "Moving Fashion," a night of action-wear from Icebreaker, Defyance, Tony Dimitri, NelliDru Design, and Gersemi. You can read more about it here, but in brief: I like Icebreaker in principle, and their all-wool active-wear is appealing for life and use, but tends to be a bit out of place on the runway. I'm hoping tonight's presentation won't be overly long and that some extra effort will be paid toward making things pop through the styling. I'm anxious to take another look at Defyance, who I first saw at the recent FUSE event. Again I think some of their strongest pieces are quiet, and in terms of first impressions the styling could go either way. Tony Dimitri hasn't thrilled me in the past, and has always struck me as having an LA/Ed Hardy vibe... so obviously I'd like to see a new direction tonight. NelliDru is out of Bend, and the few pieces on the (truly awful) web site look like Clark Kent-for-her suits that are both office-y and athletically tech-y. Regardless they must be seen freed from the confines of that web site (seriously, look at it), which is not doing anybody any favors. I'm perhaps most excited by Gersemi, a Swedish equestrian brand making interesting outdoor-wear that looks pretty damn wearable on or off of a horse (with the exception, perhaps, of the riding breeches). More than anything, though, this is the night where everyone will get to discover what I expect will be another supremely professional production values and a breathtaking venue.


A winter-ready jacket from the current Gersemi collection.