November 29 has been announced as the date for this year's Secret Society Sale, with 40 Portland makers selling handmade goods including everything from jewelry and clothes to vegan truffles and "natural assemblages incorporating wax, resin, bones, and insects." These events are an awesome way to take a big whack at your holiday gift-list, especially for original stationary and stocking stuffers. I find that out-of-town friends and family are usually extra-appreciative of little treasures that represent a little piece of connection to your hometown culture (especially parents who don't understand how to use Etsy, and grandparents who recognize the return to handcrafted goods as an indication that your lifestyle might not be moons away from everything they know). Plus, given that it's at the Secret Society Ballroom (116 NE Russell), you can stop in to the Secret Society Lounge, open at noon, for snack and/or a little something to lubricate the extraction of money from your wallet. Cuz trust me, it's gonna happen anyway, and this way you can control its flow to benefit your people, and your economy.

For extra warm-fuzzy points, bring in non-perishable food items for the Oregon Food Bank—the first 200 people to do so will receive "goodie boxes," (and for further reading on how wack economic times impact OFB check out Patrick's article on the subject from last year). In addition, all of the vendors are donating 10 percent of their profits from the sale, and if you visit Burgerville (the MLK, Ivanhoe, or Hawthorne locations), Echo, Goldrush Coffee Bar (2601 NE MLK), Mint, Miss Delta, Union Rose, or the Secret Society Lounge on the 29th, 10 percent of their proceeds will go to OFB too.


I know I'm not the only one who's about to become an aunt. Long-sleeved onesie by B Hive Designs