Hopefully you're getting some time off in the next week and a half. The Mercury is closing for a week (although you will magically not be deprived of your weekly edition) and I plan to use the downtime to, among other things, sink my teeth into my latest fitness obsession, Bikram. Luckily the Bikram obsession is powerful enough for most people that all except for Christmas day there are classes being held at my studio (I'm planning to do a Christmas morning run). In general I really enjoy opportunities that are social and celebrational that aren't always about stuffing your face. And I know it's not even past Christmas and therefore perhaps too soon to talk about New Years, but in the off-chance you've yet to make plans, you should know there is at least one healthy option out there. The Bhaktishop is offering an asana class from 9-10:30 pm ($13), to be followed by a midnight kirtan (call-and-response chanting). Usually people's new years resolutions don't exactly kick in at midnight, but rather sometime the following, deeply hungover afternoon, or even get pushed back to the 2nd—especially if they are of the fitness variety. I'd like to say I have plans to get a jump like this, to be ringing in the new year with a healthful, meditative exercise, but I don't. I'll be drunk. Maybe next year.