As much as I appreciate the result, the act of crafting has never really been my forte. I can sew on a button and perform rudimentary-level cross-stitching and knitting tasks, but that is about it. And Christmas decorations? Pfftht. Who has the time (or the storage space)? There are a pair of ornaments in my parents' collection that pretty well illustrate the point, one each made by my brother and I. My brother, like, carved a manger out of half of a walnut shell and filled it with fluffy white cotton, then glued in a miniature Jesus baby and carefully painted tiny pink lips on the miniscule figurine. Meanwhile I grubbed around for a roundish piece of flat cork, punched a hole and ran a piece of yarn through it, and then drew a smiley face on it with a green marker. Ta da. But SCRAP has been putting together videos of Christmas decoration ideas that not only give your garbage one last hurrah before making its way to the dump, but are stupid-easy. Like marker and cork easy. Take this one on making wreaths out of old plastic bags. At 1.5 minutes it's still being over-explained:

There's more where that came from.