First of all, both Portland's own Janeane Marie and Vancouver's Seth Aaron Henderson sailed through this episode with hardly any camera time. Both passed the challenge (make a party dress out of a potato sack in collaboration with their boring-ass models, who Lifetime already gave their own boring-ass show, apparently not getting the memo that nobody has ever cared about the model non-drama on PR) without comment from the judges, nor even a televised consultation from Tim Gunn. Here's where Project Runway's online supplements come in. Tim on Janeane:

Yeah yeah, whatever. See Janeane's finished result, the top three designs (the least impressive of which, IMHO, won the challenge), and the excoriation of Ping, the designer who sent her model out on the runway with her butt crack blowing in the wind. (I still like her.)

Janeane's finished runway look:


The top three in my order of preference would have placed Mila's design in first place as the challenger winner:


Hot. I would totally wear that. In second place I would have gone with Anthony's Amy's design, which, as the judges acknowledged, was the only one that didn't try to disguise its burlap origins:


Instead they went with Jay Nicholas who may have disguised his material beyond recognition, but did so in the most generic, cocktail show-filler way:


Also I thought that Emilio's design deserved a shout out.

The big scandal of the bottom-three, pun intended, was of course Ping, who I find somewhat delightful, but whose dress looked like a roomy canvas tote bag and was split up the back to reveal the model's ass in near totality. There were tears:

Nonetheless, Ping is too interesting to let go so soon, so she was spared. Given the boot was Pamela, whose cheat-o-riffic lace-closures weren't even done well. This looked like a clearance rack reject from Wet Seal, at best.


Stay tuned for next week (The Tanker is showing it every week if you can't hook up a private viewing) to see how our local champ Janeane fares, and look for the wrap-up right here in this space.