The PDXFS-led ChinaBound project that is fostering partnerships within the garment industries of Portland and the Henan province of China, is gearing up for its next PDX export overseas. The delegation, which leaves on March 25, is once again bringing with them designs from Portland. The project, which is still in the process of laying groundwork for varied plans to broaden markets and increase production knowledge for Portland designers while exporting design innovation and sustainable philosophy, is still in talks for most if its ideas (exchange programs between design schools, possible development of a post-graduate program, sustainability research and development, a Portland-design showroom located in China), but there's a general agreement that the time has come to think globally and address the changing markets and cultures in both communities. So designers... you want in? There are just a few days left (Friday is the deadline) to submit your designs for consideration to be brought overseas. To do so you must first become a member of PDXFS, and selected designers (decisions will be made by Sunday the 14th) will need to pay an additional $150 ($125 for current students). When you consider that your work will be exposed to international media coverage both at Beijing Fashion Week and in the Henan city of ZhengZhou, as well as any press conferences or events upon return, it seems like it might be worth a shot. You'll also need to send them 5-10 current-season looks (accessory and shoe designers are welcome too). Email here with submissions and if you have any additional questions. Let's give China a great impression, okay??!!

An IDOM design presented in China last year, photographed by Leah Nash