This seems like an inordinately packed night of intriguing openings, but when arranging your agenda, consider these event picks, chosen with a particularly fashion-oriented interest in mind:

• We haven't heard much from fashion designer Elodie Massa lately, but tonight (6-9 pm) is the opening reception for her show of French-style marionettes at Ogle Gallery (310 NW Broadway), titled "Framed French Feelings."

• The reception for "The Interiors New Clothes" runs from 6-10 pm tonight at Anka Gallery, "melding the interior and clothing design worlds." Features works from MOD favorites Dayna Pinkham and Emily Ryan among others.

Stand Up Comedy is launching "Cool Art," the first of an ongoing series of poster art from 7-9 pm in partnership with PICA.


Bonus: Acne jeans are on sale at SUC too.

Lizard Lounge (which carries one of my top considerations for summer hiking boots) is not only hosting an art show by Chris Haberman and Jason Brown, but also a performance by the Hugs, Widmer beer and food from Koi Fusion (which just opened a sweet underground bar at 1300 NW Lovejoy, BTW). You'll get 20% off all regularly priced merch during the party, which runs 7-10 pm, and 15% of earnings benefit Hands on for Haiti.

• Cap things off at the Tanker for the 10 pm screening of Project Runway, and our paths will surely cross.