A few nights ago, I watched La Pointe-Courte, the 1955 portrait of a small French fishing community that was director Agnés Varda's first film before going on to a career on the the periphery of the male-dominated New Wave movement. In it are several of the iconic boat-necked nautical striped tops that have since been seized on by the fashion world as a timeless classic, though here, in its original context, the famous striped item is worn by rough skinned, husky villagers—light years away from the idolized images of game-changer Coco Chanel, who first donned the working class style and transformed it into something chic. Coo as everyone does, I disagree that it's all that classic; I'm bored with seeing virtually identical iterations every time I turn around. That's why this little jacket by Garnish recently caught my eye:


It has all the joy (joie?) of the ocean-bound stripe, but on a simple, spring-summer, go-anywhere bolero that won't make you feel like a clone.


Available for pre-order now.