Welcome to my maybe, possibly, let's-just-say-so-for-now new column, Hoodie Beat, in which I will attempt to chronicle all of the innovations foisted upon that NW staple, the hoodie. This edition is one of the strangest hoodie adaptations I've ever seen, and was cooked up by Dutch/Swedish design duo Paula Kassenaar and Paula Segura Meccia, who call it the Skôn Iridescent Hoodie. It basically has a light strip around the edge of the hood, but then there's something about, "a knitted variable resistor, the resistance varies when you toy with it." Wha-huh?

skôn from Paula Kassenaar on Vimeo.

Okay, I'm still confused. It's pretty when it's lit up, but you have to futz with it to get it to do anything. I can see where this could go, though, maybe a tight fitting skirt that was activated by the motion of your hips as you walked. Like for a Christmas party or something.