Last summer I developed something of a crush on the bin full of straight-outta-France espadrilles at Nationale (I've a message into proprietor May to confirm but I believe they are making their return to the store soon). I've never been a fan of the espadrille wedge (okay maybe the Louboutin versions, but otherwise there is something too platform flip-flop/Jessica Simpson-wannabe-at-the-mall going on), but as flats I love 'em. I mean they're basically less philanthropic and more classic, thicker-soled Toms—perfect for light camping, boating, beaching, etc. Aside from Nationale, they have several appealing pairs up at Tumbleweed—my two favorites are the cream strappy sandals and the blue closed-toe ones that just have the slightest of a wedge.




I feel tanned and relaxed just looking at them. These versions are by Brazil's Bourgeois Chic (hilariously terrible name), and at $88-114 they are somewhere between those Louboutins and the more simply designed cheap thrills at Nationale that last summer were priced at under $40. Options, people!

Speaking of Tumbleweed, they are celebrating their anniversary on Sunday from 11 am-6 pm with the unveiling of their biggest collection of dresses yet from in-house designed Kara-Lines. Perfect time to snoop out what's in your size.