And then there were three.

Last night's episode of Project Runway was the Tim Gunn house-call episode, in which our neighbor to the north, Seth Aaron, welcomed him to his Vancouver home by way of trampoline. You may need to watch this video twice. Once just to take in that especially alarming hairdo, and then again to concentrate on what he says:

Yeah yeah yeah, he's doing fine. The real nitty gritty was the standoff between Jay and Mila, who had to show three looks each from their Fashion Week collections, and one of them got the boot. See who said goodbye after the break.

If the blogs are to be believed, this is one of the most controversial decisions made yet by the judges. Personally I thought what both of them showed was uninspiring, and found Jay's slightly even more dated (super-tough futuristic goth warrior women? So F/W 2009) and overworked than Mila's. But both points of view were very similar (both styled their looks with tough little black leather driving gloves, even), and neither had much zing. Ultimately the judges agreed I guess, and so they gave Jay the boot. It's worth noting, though, the insight being bantered around by Tom and Lorenzo. I still disagree with their strong support of Jay's designs, but they were at the actual Bryant Park show and have seen the entire collections in real time. And regardless, they have a point:

We're not sensing any producer intervention here. This was a decision made solely by these three people. No conspiracy theories on our parts, but we will say this: Nina has always wielded the most influence among the judges when it came to final decisions. At the end of the day, she's there representing her magazine. After all, when the final winner is decided, Heidi and Michael go back to their day jobs, but Nina is the one whose magazine has to feature the winning designer. It makes sense that she'd have the most influence because she has more at stake professionally than the other two judges do. Unfortunately, we can't help noticing two things about Nina since she went from Elle to Marie Claire: One, her judging has gotten a little toothless lately. Compare the demure "I don't like this, I'm sorry" Nina of season 7 with the wild-eyed "IT'S AESTHETICALLY NOT PLEASING!" Nina of season 2 who got downright angry when faced with poor designs. Secondly, we're sorry to say it, but her taste has gotten very safe and mainstream. Let's face it, Elle ain't Vogue, but Marie Claire isn't even Elle. Not to disparage the magazine but as fashion rags go, it's as mainstream and safe as it gets. Bottom line: Mila's clothes are more likely to be featured in Marie Claire than Jay's.

In the end, we think decisions like this are bad for the show. It's supposed to be about innovation and point of view, but it's become about marketability and mainstream sensibilities.

Um.... yep. Although I'm not sure I'm even with them on it ever really being about "innovation and point of view." Here's how Kors breaks down the decision:

Alright folks, we are almost there. Now more than ever I'm convinced Seth Aaron wins it. Mila's teetering on the edge of disapproval in the judges' eyes, and Emilio has come outta nowhere all the sudden with a huge ego and whack attitude. (Bickering with Tim? Probably not the best strategy.) But Seth Aaron? Oh they LOVE him! I'm prepared for some serious stud 'n' zipper affirmation next week happening down at the Tanker (where hippies like me go to watch TV!).