If you've ever seen Owlita earrings, you're not likely to have forgotten them. The dramatic feathers blend in to look almost like extensions in long hair, but they look fierce on anyone—Vanessa Williams and Erykah Badu are among the celebrities that have donned them. They look amazing onstage, certainly stand out in a crowd, and you can play around with wearing only one—they have enough heft, especially in the brighter versions, to stand alone and still steal the show. They can be earthy and they can be punk, depending how you style them, too. Back in January we gave away our first pair, and now we're doing it again! This time you have the chance to score these custom hand dyed Prairie Pheasant Atlantis earrings in striking aqua:



All you gotta do is be the first person to email me your favorite owl species and why, with "owl" in the subject line and they're yours! Too slow? Mercury readers can still take $10 off your purchase with the code "OwlitaSpring" at checkout until May 2. ready... go!