Do you know about Mailia Mills yet? As permanent swimsuit weather approaches, you will want to familiarize yourself with her swimwear, which draws attention to the fact that most swimsuits are apparently manufactured by woman-haters—hers are flattering and comfortable, don't cut you across your curves like sausage casing, and come in timeless styles and fabrics, including retro references that aren't campy and literal, and lovely, dignified prints (why is it that swimsuit prints are almost universally terrible?). I have a pair of her high-waisted tap pant-style swimsuit bottoms, which actually make me feel good about myself, are nice and elongating, and even cover up the shitty tattoo I got under my belly button when I was 16. Win, win, win. Anyhow, she's coming to town! Lille Boutique, which carries her line, is hosting a two-day trunk show, on Thursday May 6 (11 am-6 pm) and Friday May 7 (2-9 pm). You can set up an appointment with Malia and knock $50 off your purchase, and on Friday evening she'll be doing a meet-and-greet. (Make sure to stop in early so you'll have plenty of time to step across the street to the Bossanova for the Open Season fashion show!!)


It should be mentioned that if Malia Mills is too rich for your blood, Popina is a local, lower priced option (and they always have sale deals going) with a good selection—I am particularly partial to the polka dots.