This week I made brief mention of the fact that applications are now being accepting for the second annual Content event at the Ace Hotel, Content10. Last year was an almost shocking success, with amazing attendance and an outstanding showing from the designers involved, with every single one of them going the extra mile to make their hotel-room environments individualized, enchanting expressions of their design aesthetic. I'm happy to have been asked to be part of the proceedings this year, and will be one of several people helping to determine which designers will be included! The event is slated for October 2, and there are a few organizational differences from what went down last year:

-Designers will have access to their hotel rooms for two nights rather than one, to allow for more time to set up, which as a result raises the participation fee to $250.

-However! This year there will be a retail lounge, where each designer is responsible for stocking 10 items. Designers will receive 80% of the sales.

-There will be a longer run-time for the event as well as fewer rooms/designers: 24.

-There will be a press/green room with more designer info available.

So! Designers! Let's do this! Here is the rest of the application:

Business Name[s]:



Contact[s] Name:



What Do You Make:

Price Range:

Custom/One Off/Whole Sale:

Designer Bio: (No More Than 50 Words)

Photos: (please include in your application 5 photos of your most recent collection & JPEG of Logo)


Can't wait to see what this year's got in store. I truly found this event last year to be inspiring, downright eye-moistening. For reals, guys. Get a room.