While roaming around at The Neat Sheet’s “Up in the Air” event I noticed multiple people wearing these interesting two finger rings made from wood. I finally asked a friend of a friend if I could try theirs on to see if your fingers still had wiggle room, and it was surprisingly comfortable. Locally made by a small group of designers, jewelers, and artists, the pieces are sanded by hand, bringing the wood to its smoothest state. Each piece is then cured for three weeks in an oil blend that soaks into the wood and hardens, forming a shell. They're called Sticks & Stones (previously mentioned here, also)—check them out at these local retailers: Local35, Lizard Lounge, Compound Gallery, the "Fiesta Lounge" pop-up on NW 23rd & Johnson, and on their own site.





Photos Courtesy: Sticks & Stones