In case you missed it in this week's Sold Out column, the Eagle Building on W. Burnside is about to become a major retail destination, with a new outpost of Seattle's Blackbird, a flagship store and design studio for Portland's Tanner Goods, a new location for Dunderdon, plus a relocated shop for Phlox, providing a dose of femininity to balance out the masculinity of the building as a whole. According to proprietor Barbara Seipp, "It will be an amazing confluence of like-minded retailers thanks to the landlords' vision. If all goes well, we will all get possession of our space April 1 and, hopefully, open by May 1." I think this is going to be an amazing piece of Portland's downtown retail route, which thanks to the efforts of many, is really starting to shape up as a navigable treasure-trail destination.


The Gemini Top from Seipp's Isaac Hers Collection