While everyone else is busy editing and revising their Best of 2010 lists, in fashion it's always more interesting to look forward rather than back. Each year I invite some Portland style makers to let us in on what they're predicting and looking forward to in 2011.

Elizabeth Mollo of Disorder Clothing, and Co-Founder of the DoomTown/Sweet F.A. Fashion Show:

"For my own Personal style, my biggest fashion icon is David Bowie in his 'Thin White Duke' period. I am also inspired by Marc Bolan, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Marlene Dietrich's menswear period, and basically the look of the modern 1970s career woman, with a touch of early 1990s Madonna. Next year I will be wearing pants (wide leg and tapered leg, no skinny jeans), blazers, tailored button up shirts, jumpsuits, bustiers and bandeau tops, wedges, and pieces that are well-made, classic in cut and style, and in neutral palettes. On the other hand, when I go out dancing and to parties I will be sporting fun dresses that usually end up being on the Studio 54 side of things. I guess you can say I pull much of my inspiration from the 1970's. My prediction for the coming year in terms of fashion in general is that I think that minimalism will be coming back in a major way. What I mean by that is that cuts and silhouettes will be simple and clean and more on the classic side of things rather than the trendy side."