By sheer coincidence yesterday when I made the trek down to the new Blackbox complex on W Burnside and 13th to check on the new Isaac Hers incarnation (which, by the way, put on a great show Saturday night with a cool spring collection—highlights for me were the mod colorblocked Bachelor and Warm Springs dresses in a black and tan inspired by terrain in Central Oregon) and take my first peek at the Dunderdon store, that I happened to be one of the first people in the door at Blackbird—they'd been open for all of 45 minutes. It was awesome watching my fiance's intent interest in the clothing at Dunderdon and Blackbird (but I think he's more of a Blackbird guy overall) and to finally have a shopping hub (I'm counting all of the West End) that caters to men with persnickety tastes. Last I heard Tanner Goods will swing open on Friday, which with Solestruck will round everything out. Can't wait for the massive co-grand opening party!

Theyve unpacked since this photo was taken.
  • They've unpacked since this photo was taken.