Whether you want to revitalize your office space, bedroom or entire home, Feng Shui is an ancient practice that focuses on energy, vibes, and the connection between your life and your space. I took the advice of my lovely and brilliant teacher Linda Cahan, an expert in Visual Merchandising, who taught me everything I know about Feng Shui. When I moved into a new apartment back in January, I asked for her help and she graciously explained the basics of creating a harmonious living space. Feng Shui is the marriage between the physical and the metaphysical. Feng meaning “wind” and Shui meaning “water.” Traditional Feng Shui is determined by which way your front door faces, starting to the left. For instance, in my apartment the door faces South (career), with the bathroom on the left (knowledge) and closet to the right (networking/travel.) You can apply this to just one room in your house or office, or an entire home/building. The sections remain the same throughout multiple levels.The space you wish to Feng Shui is broken up into nine different sectors, each representing a different aspect of life. (See chart below)

For each of the nine sections, you will want to create an intention for the space. For example in your career sector you may want to put a picture, or a description of your dream job. The prosperity sector is ideal for storing your spare change. And if you are lacking in the love department find an unbreakable object, ideally red or pink and set an intention for love. If you dream of adventures in far away lands, set an intention to visit your most desired locations in the travel section. And so on and so forth for the remaining spaces. The middle section is the Yin & Yang, symbolizing balance, and harmony. The space should definitely be kept free of clutter and messes. Energy wants to flow freely within your space, but it can get stuck and stagnant in clutter. Bathrooms can be tricky, make sure to keep the door shut, and the lid down. Mirrors, plants, and lights are easy ways to remedy this problem. Using natural elements within your space is also a great way to obtain positive energy. Placing plants like bamboo, Chinese evergreen, gerbera daisies, peace lilies, or mums inspires growth. Be aware of what you surround yourself with, what are you looking at every day? Set your intention and see yourself in your dream life. Believe in the power to create positive change. I know this may sound a little hippity-dippity but try it out and see for yourself!