Everyone’s favorite NW Music festival is coming up right around the corner. That’s right; Sasquatch is celebrating ten years, with a pretty unbelievable lineup (Death Cab for Cutie, Ratatat, Modest Mouse, and The Flaming lips to name a few.) I could just kick myself in the shins for not getting tickets early enough, but I’m sure you guys are counting down the days till carefree festival shenanigans.

Here’s a few items I consider essential:

1. These jorts are vintage, but a similar style can easily be found at Buffalo Exchange, or Red Light.

2. Sunnies by Quay Eyewear $22 from Palace.

3. VPL Cropper $125 from Frances May.

4. Josie Maran Bear Naked Make-up Remover Wipes $12 from Sephora.

5. Alba Botanica Organic Lavender Suncreen SPF 45 $9 from Target.

6. Fiona Sandal by Paul & Joe Sister $148 from Parallel

7. Large Leather Carry All $299 by Ms. Wood.