Well, new to me.

Yesterday evening I accepted an invitation to get my hair cut by Mandy Zelinka of Ginger Salon, who took a much-needed four inches of dead weight off my six-months-since-last-cut hair farming hippie mane. She also styled it using a tool I keep seeing lately but had never tried: a tapered barrel curling iron. I'm a wash 'n' go girl because time is typically not on my side, but I do enjoy doing my hair when I can. My latest technique has involved hot rollers, but my hair's so fine that the effect is largely psychological. From consult to curl, my time with Mandy totaled a mere 40 minutes, thanks in part to this little wand that is friendly to impatient practices like curling large sections at a time, and the lack of a clip action on it means you just wind the hair in your fingers. So stupid easy I can't believe I haven't been using one for years. (Protips from Mandy: Don't wrap the very ends or you'll get and "'80s perm" effect, and hold the hair taut for a moment after bringing the wand away for beachy rather than Shirley Temple style curls.) According to Zelinka, they can be had for about 30 bucks at Target. I'm game. (Where is Target?)