2011 so far seems like it's had even more clothing swaps that usual, with shops like Golden Rule jumping in to host monthly Naked Ladies, and now SWAP is coming to The Woods on Sunday. Unlike the ones hosted in your living room, this clothing swap has a $5 cover and drink specials, but it will also be bigger than what your home can probably comfortably handle, there'll be people from outside your immediate circle (tired of having people recognize your shirt because they remember seeing it on a mutual friend?), and unlike the women-only events that tend to dominate, SWAP welcomes all genders. For every bag you bring you'll receive one to fill (you can also buy extras for $5 apiece), and they'll sort it all by type for you. Just remember: Clean clothes only, and leave your nappy used drawers at home. The event runs from 11 am-2 pm, which'll go by quickly. The wise ones will stay and scope the whole time.