Kiddie fashion has replaced skinny models as the Most Popular Ethical Concern Regarding the Fashion Industry of the day. The latest to kick up a fuss is Jours Après Lunes, a French "loungerie" line for 4-12-year-old girls. The gear itself is pretty innocuous (minus the questionable necessity of bras during the younger end of that spectrum), but the lookbook shots have got the 'nets in a tizzy. Much like the now-notorious Vogue Paris shoot, many of the photos are styled to look like the girls are playing dress up, horsing around jumping on a bed, or mugging cutely (I would not say lustily) for the camera—all things healthy girls of that age really do. I tend to think that raising the pedophile alarm in these cases is a bit hysterical. Pervs are going to perv on whatever they like to perv on with or without anyone's help. There's as much skin in these shots as there is at the community pool, and little girls have always worn panties. The only shot that creeps me out is the one of an older girl ("12," presumably) pictured with a big teddy bear. Without the bear you wouldn't know her underwear wasn't intended for grown women, and she's lusting all over that camera. I already said my piece on how these things tend read to me, but by all means, decide for yourself.




This is the only one I think is gross: