If you can't find inspiration for your next project in the brisk change of Autumn weather, the style overload in the upcoming Fashion Week, or from that lady with the tutu and the bomber jacket on MAX, then maybe you need to open your eyes and your heart. Or, there's always the internet. Check out these gems when you need to spark your creative fire.


Color Collective is a photo-blog to be used as a resource for color combinations. The blogger, Lauren Willhite, is from Portland, go figure, and she pulls great shots from fashion spreads to remind us of all the ways colors can look good together. So many ways. I like to take a peek before I go fabric shopping.

Craft Gawkeris a photo gallery of DIY projects submitted by followers and craft bloggers from all over. The projects range from the delightfully obvious (a stylish cord organizer aka painted toilet paper roll) to the strikingly inventive (a wall hanging that looks like wrought iron, but is actually recycled toilet paper rolls!). Not everything is made from toilet paper rolls, I promise. I probably bookmark a hundred for every one project I actually make, but that's the fun. There's also an app to download so you can get inspired on the go. My favorites include:

25 Free Crochet Blanket Patterns to get you started for the fall
  • 25 Free Crochet Blanket Patterns to get you started for the fall

Elegant Halloween Pumpkins
  • Elegant Halloween Pumpkins

Felted Bar Soap
  • Felted Bar Soap