Room 222 at tomorrow's CONTENT will be a joint room featuring designers Dawn Sharp and Taurean Press. Sharp answered our questions to give everyone an idea what to expect. Here's a hint: It's apocalyptic.

What inspiration are you drawing from for your room in Content?
Our room is somewhat inspired by the coming-of-2012 theories and by astronomy and sacred imagery.


What are the three most important things to you as a designer?
I guess the three most important things to me as a designer are fantasy, good construction, and not adhering to trends.


What materials are you working with right now? Why?
I am always cycling through using different silks, rayons, and velvets. With Taurean Press we are mostly printing on organic cottons and pure silks.


What is unique about Portland's fashion community? Why do you choose to live/work/show here?
The creative environment in Portland in general, including the fashion community, is certainly thriving and supportive of its contributors. That in itself alongside Portland's open mindedness make it a very unique and nurturing environment for artists to grow. I think I am attracted to Portland for its mix of metropolitan living within the conscious and somewhat preserved Northwest.


What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothes or accessories?
Creative minded and more classically feminine-dressing women seem to be attracted to my line. I think what we are doing with Taurean Press is going to attract the more avant garde dresser within this category.