Raccoon Dogs Skinned Alive to make Fake Uggs


That is not the main reason to not wear them. The main reason is because they are FUCKING UGLY! In Australia where the originals are made, they only women who wear them are hooks and low class trash. Oh wait same goes for the women who wear them here.
I think people are scared to come out of their shell when it comes to fashion. They've worn UGGS every fall and winter, because it's what they've been doing for years and years. They also don't want to change up their stlye for fear of being laughed at or not fitting in. That is sad.
The Asian Racoom Dogs story is heartbreaking. Someone put a picture of one being skinned on the ugg page (thank got it was blurry!) and lots of people have the same feelings about it as I do.
Thank you for your time!