• J.Calderon

Local designer Jason Calderon is unveiling an innovative new project called UN.LMTD. Calderon has merged his talents together as both an illustrator and apparel designer to launch a free online comic book that will culminate in an art/fashion showcase displaying fashions manifested from the pages of the story (date TBD). To bring UN.LMTD to life, Calderon is collaborating with writer Adam Slutsky, who has written graphic novels in the past and contributes to publications like Maxim and Bluff. The premise is as follows: "In a future where a majority of Earth's population subscribes to the services of UN.LMTD—a corporation that has amassed a wealth of power and fortune by commercializing immortality—a small group of anti-subscribers believe they hold the key to the fate of Humankind." Kicking off on tonight, Calderon will release two pages per week, creating one of the most original fashion concepts Portland has ever seen. For more info and to sneak a peek, click here.