1. Sometimes referred to as pointy or sharp shaped nails, I like to call this daring trend “claw nails.” If you are feeling bold this New Years you may want to head to nail salon and request this über popular style. Slightly on the high maintenance side (but totes worth it), you may have to ask your bestie or NYE kiss to open your beer. I’ve requested this style at Lace Salon, and was very happy with the results.

2. All that glitters may be gold, so glittery lips are sure to sparkle and shine the whole night. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this bold look requires a bit of effort. Although there are numerous ways to achieve this look, the easiest way is to find some super sticky lip gloss, (MAC clear lipglass is a sure bet, but almost every makeup brand offers something similar). Next, track down your desired color of glitter and get to work. Start by amply applying the clear gloss to your pout, then pour out a little pile of glitter on a paper towel and dab on with your fingertip or lip brush until the desired amount is achieved. I’ve found great selections of cheap glitter at the drugstore, but your options are limitless. If you are headed out for the night, stash your gloss and pot of glitter in your clutch to reapply throughout the night.

3. Fun false lashes easily spice up your overall look in a flash. Look at beauty suppliers like Blush Beauty Bar, local drugstores, and Sephora to find what you fancy. Falsies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The sky is the limit. I’d recommend Duo adhesive glue to adhere lashes to your lid; boy does this stuff hold up.