Jezebel reports on the anti-fur activist who attempted to hire an assassin on Facebook (where else?) that would murder anyone caught outside her house wearing fur. But before you fly off and call her totally nuts, the 27-year-old Ohio resident Meredith Marie Lowell said she would prefer that the victim be "over 14 years old." Another restriction? According to the FBI, the fur-wearing victim "should not be anyone I currently know and definitely should not be anyone my family knows." Hmmm... that's a lot of restrictions for somebody who only wanted to pay... $850 for the hit?? That wouldn't even buy a Silver Fox Fur Wrap! From Jezebel:

Fortunately, after her post on Facebook, the FBI caught on to her, and an agent posed as a potential killer-for-hire. In a series of emails he exchanged with Lowell—who posted under the name "Anne Lowery"—she became more and more explicit about what she wanted. She said the killing should take place across from a playground near her house, and she wanted to be there when it happened to hand out "papers" about the fur industry.

Ummm... yeah. SHE WAS ARRESTED. (Cuckoo! Cuckoo!) Read the rest here.