Yet another couple of shakeups at the constantly evolving creative hub of 811 E Burnside, one for now, one for later. Firstly, IDOM, after an emotional departure from their second location on NW 23rd (blogged about with rarely seen levels of honesty in such a circumstance), is opening up the doors of their new studio/showroom space in the building (Suite 213) for an inaugural open house this weekend, Friday-Sunday (11-6 Fri/Sat, 12-5 Sun). Meanwhile, Stand Up Comedy is about to undergo an expansion and remodel of their space, due to be complete on March 21. The reconfiguration will "also have dedicated studio space, some of which is already spoken for. It will remain confused," remarks co-owner Diana Kim. Stay tuned here for photos and more details as they develop.

LD Tuttle boot from Stand Up Comedy

UPDATE: More from SUC's Diana Kim.

The physical shop will be closed beginning March 8, with a soft re-open on March 21. We'll do a formal party/event/happening, but not until April - we want to let the new thing settle in on itself a bit first, plus the folks we're hoping to have perform aren't in the country until then. The interiors will be done by me, Scott Ponik, and Flint Jamison.

During the brick and mortar closure, the website/phone orders will be going full force. The most up-to-date and instant info on reductions, specials, etc. will be posted to our Twitter (@shopstandingup) regularly.