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Printed Jacket by Osei-Duro
  • Printed Jacket by Osei-Dura

The Woodsman Tavern
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Quite recently I sat down for coffee with Joanna Bean Martin, who runs AfterAll Creative Studio. You may recognize her name from a previous post I wrote a while back called 48 Hours in Portland with Joanna Bean Martin. We caught up over americanos about what she’s been up to at AfterAll, her current local crushes, and everything in between.

The Mercury: How did you get started with AfterAll?
Joanna Bean Martin: We moved here from Los Angeles last spring, and Gretchen Jones contacted me after her Project Runway win. I developed her branding, collateral, website, and logo. Before that I worked with clients like Current/Elliot and Forever 21, in their graphic department, creating labels and branding. My husband and I also work together; he runs AfterAll film productions.

Where do you do you find inspiration for your projects?
JBM: Well, I have my inspiration blog called madepadre, which is a collection of found images organized by color. It is really helpful to reference when I’m working on a new project. I also spend a lot of time on the web, specifically Pinterest, lots of fashion, photography, food and art blogs. When I start to work with a client I like for them to send some inspiration images and words to get a sense of their eye, typography, and color preferences. Then I put together an inspiration board and get feedback about what they do and don’t like.

What/who are your current local crushes? (Food, shops, bars)
JBM: Evan at the Woodsman Tavern, my friends and I often go in to grab drinks there. Miho restaurant on NE Interstate is good. For bars I like Sweet Hereafter on Belmont. Also I really like Diana from Standup Comedy, her approach to her space is really great. Oh, and Sword+Fern’s shop for jewelry.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
JBM: Isabel Marant, Balmain, Osei-Duro (Whose printed coat she was rocking, and it was totes amaze ) and Suno.

Can you tell me about any new happenings, events, or projects at AfterAll?
JBM: Our office is above Lucas salon so the space is very flexible, we have the ability to move all the hair stations around and make one big open space. We are hoping in the near future to have a pop-up shop event, live music, and art events. I’m interested in doing an LA focused pop-up shop featuring independent Los Angeles designers. (When we sat down, I noticed her amazing bangles and Ms. Martin happily exclaimed that they were made by one of her favorite LA designers who may be coming up for the pop-up event!) This spring Lucas salon will also host photographer Nikki Fenix.

For more information about AfterAll click here.