This morning on the bus I was reading Twitter when I came upon a Nylon post about the incoming saddle shoe styles from Swedish Hasbeens:

  • Swedish Hasbeens

Considering the fact that there was a years-long span of time during my childhood during which I was forced to wear actual, hella not cool saddle shoes to school everyday, there is absolutely no good reason for the fact that I have been unable to stop thinking of these all day.

But the nagging led me to the Hasbeen site. I was never all that won over by the brand. I thought that both No. 6 and Opening Ceremony did cooler iterations on the clog boot trend, and the rest of their styles always tended to what my fiancé unceremoniously classifies as "boner killers." Anyhow, I'm glad I decided to show up, and that they are branching away from clog-heeled everything (a trend I worry is on the verge of death while there are still a few good miles left in my No. 6 boots) because some of their non-cloggy styles have my number even more—with the bonus quality of not inducing mixed up feelings about the long ago uniformed past. Namely the Margot, which is already available, but has somehow thus far escaped me, and which I love in many of its six colors, especially mint:

But back to clogs. Alder & Co. has started to carry Rosa Mosa clogs, the details of which are the first clog-related images to have made me sit up and pay attention in months:

So maybe there's life left in the clog trend yet? My No. 6s will be thrilled to hear it.