For the past four decades, Liz’s Palace of Beauty and Lenny’s Barber Shop have been at the centers of their communities. Photographer Nikki Fenix captures the stories of Virginia and Lenny, a hairdresser and a barber known to their clients as friends and confidants, ready to gossip, talk politics, share secrets, confess hardship, look for support, get a second opinion, and sometimes just sit back and take it all in.

First Thursday is tomorrow! Arties, winos, and scenesters unite for one fun filled night, so pop over and join the posh crowd at Lucas Salon and AfterAll for their first art reception. The opening will debut the His & Hers photography collection, which chronicles two beloved hairstylists shot by acclaimed local photographer Nikki Fenix. The photgraphs are stunningly emotional, and remind me of my beloved Granny who got her hair permed each week and never looked less than dolled up. Before Fenix was behind the lens, she worked as a stylist for magazines like Vogue, Elle, GQ, and InStyle among other top brands. The Aussie native now lives in Portland with her artist hubby, and two daughters. His & Hers will run through May 3rd at 124 SW 1st Avenue. The soiree kicks off at 7 and goes till 10pm, you don’t wanna miss this one! For more info on the show, call 503.894.8169