The Movement Center: Yes, this building is right behind the Tonic Lounge.
  • The Movement Center
  • The Movement Center: Yes, this building is right behind the Tonic Lounge.

A continuation of a yoga-class sampler series, where I flit about town using my Passport to Prana card ($30 for over two dozen individual yoga classes around town).

I've been wanting to go to the Movement Center (1021 NE 33rd) ever since I first wandered by it in my ramblings. It's a very mysterious-looking building tucked right behind the Tonic Lounge off NE Sandy with a large Jane Eyre-esque brick building, a huge private garden, and a cloistered allure that plays host to visiting swamis and spiritual retreats. After breezing through the gates, I walked through the beautiful spring-blossoming grounds to the side of the building. A receptionist in a light and airy area was there to greet classgoers, and behind her was a large chapel-like room where they hold meditation classes (I didn't get a great look, but I think this is a picture of it). She directed me down a flight of stairs to the changing rooms, prop storage area that had a awesome view of an outdoor walkway to another section of the building, and two yoga studio spaces, which were nice rooms with windows looking out into the surrounding trees. My first impression was that maybe that particular class at the Movement Center didn't get a lot of walk-in yoga students, like I was a bit of an anomaly in the after-work gentle hatha class. The class had about half a dozen mostly older students who seemed to be regulars. And when I say "gentle," I really, really do mean gentle (so gentle the teacher was wearing jeans and I counted three distinct set of snores during the shavasana). But I did feel fantastic afterward, so my body liked it, even if my mind wandered. I'd love to go back to the Movement Center—and I think I will for their $5 community classes—just because I don't think that class was super indicative of their typical yoga experience, in fact, I kept thinking I'd accidentally wandered into a seniors-only class and no one had informed me of my blunder, which made me all the more self-conscious of wearing a Mickey Mouse-emblazoned T-shirt. While I was packing up my stuff to leave, one of the mediation classes was taking place and there was chanting and music pouring out of that chapel space, and a woman walked in carrying a tower of halved coconuts. You can bet your booty I'm going back, just to see more of those sights.

Next week: I clean myself up and put on mascara to go to Yoga Pearl.