Lately the fashion world cannot get enough of spikes, studs, and all things shiny and sharp. Enter the studded jean short. Perfect for summer and the upcoming slew of music festivals, this DIY is one of the more complicated projects I’ve tried, but totes worth it! These jorts took a few hours, and was quite the workout for my little fingers. I can’t wait to rock these bad boys at Coachella, and now I kind of want to stud everything. Here’s the lowdown:

-About 100 studs or more depending on what you are making/how many studs you prefer (I purchased 100 for about $5 at Oregon Leather Co)
-Exacto knife

1. I stopped by the a couple different craft stores before stumbling upon Oregon Leather Co., located downtown in Chinatown. This place full of awesome materials and much more than just leather. They have a lot of options for studs and spikes, but I went with #641, the medium-sized square silver option. They also sell a special tool that makes the perfect sized cut into whatever you are studding, but I just opted to use an exacto knife since I already have one.

2. You can stud just about anything, but I had an old pair of jorts that definitely needed some sprucing up. (Read: True Religion shorts circa 2007.) As I mentioned before you’ll need an exacto knife, pliers, or any tool you have that will make a small cut, and a tool that can fold down the prongs.

3. Figure out where you want the placement to be and then get studding! Once you have a pattern in mind make two small cuts where you’d like to stud to be, stick it through, and then fold the prongs down with pliers.

4. I went in a circular pattern around the pocket of my shorts, then filled in the center so the rows/columns would stay pretty even.

5. I thought a few studs on the front pocket would look cute, so continued on the front as well.