Personally I think it's unbelievable that this is only now happening, but the FDA is finally going to begin monitoring all of the ingredients in beauty products. We all willingly slather various things onto ourselves everyday without really knowing exactly what is in them (unless you are a scientist/obsessive researcher who knows what every ingredient is and what it does or a barefoot hippie who makes everything herself) and some of these things are just downright unsafe and toxic. For a long time Europe has had a more progressive approach to monitoring beauty products than the U.S., with 1,200 ingredients banned there and only 10 here. While I do think people have the right to use whatever the hell they want on their skin, even if it is toxic, I do think consumers have the right to know exactly WHAT they are using and if there are side effects (like parabens, which are estrogen-mimicking preservatives that may disrupt the endocrine system and cause reproductive and developmental disorders.) Once all the information is available and easy to understand, then people can make informed decisions about what they want to put on their skin (just like they are free to smoke, drink, and eat junk food, all the while knowing the risks.)

This initiative will not take affect until 2013, so if you are dying to know exactly what is in your favorite products visit Skin Deep.