(Via NY Racked) A woman in New York city has been spotted going topless for about two weeks now, who states, “I'm going topless today. It's to raise awareness that's it's legal for a woman to be topless anywhere a guy can be without a shirt since 1992 here in New York State.” Definitely a bold move. I salute her. Scope the full q&a here.

  • Atisha Paulson

(Via The Washington Post) Wait! Sketchers shape-ups won’t actually give me an ass like Kim Kardashian? Well, Duh! A new lawsuit puts the smack down on Sketchers, and will no longer allow them to make health-related benefit claims for their Shape-Ups, Tone-Ups, and the Sketchers Resistance Runner athletic shoes. As if anyone thought that oppressing, clunky excuse for a shoe would provide any actual results.

  • Derek Eskridge & David Rivera

(via imnotbogusky) A street artist in Hamburg, Germany adbusted H&M’s current swimwear campaign by placing a larger than life Photoshop toolbar on the side of the advertisements. Subtle, no, but effective, yes. Literally everything is Photoshopped!

  • imnotbogusky.tumblr