bye bye birdie
  • bye bye birdie

I recently started laser tattoo removal treatment at Oregon Aesthetics, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Good doctors and reputable clinics are very hard to come by. Hearing the horror stories of scarring, untrained practitioners, and tattoos looking worse after the treatment made me super skeptical, so it took me quite a while and lots of research before deciding on Oregon Aesthetics.

I went with them because of the laser they use: It’s called the ConBio Medlite C6, and it's the most advanced and effective model for tattoo removal. I can finally say goodbye to the tattoos I regret every time I glance at them. (Why is 18 the legal age for that shit?) Tattoo removal isn’t for everyone, especially here in Portland, where the ink is always a'flowin’. But if you’re interested in the treatment, I would highly recommend getting a consultation. I am on my second session; getting three tattoos removed (they are all about medium size) and can definitely see a significant difference.

The pain is no joke. People always ask me if it’s comparable to getting tatted, NO it’s way worse… it’s like clench-your-teeth-try-not-to-cry-the-entire-time pain. My parents get quite the kick out of this part, saying it’s my “penance” for getting them in the first place. In all actuality, the fact that I am sentenced to wearing flat shoes for about two weeks after the appointment (one of the tattoos is on my foot) is really the worst part.

Pricing varies depending on the size, color, how old your ink is, and where it is on your body. I’m looking at about seven more sessions, maybe less. Oregon Aesthetics allows you to pay per treatment, or purchase a package, which is a better deal. It’s not cheap, but this is one area you def don’t want to scrimp. For more info click here.