I spy lots of discounted goodies!
  • Backtalk
  • I spy lots of discounted goodies!

Backtalk is hosting a super rad Last Thursday event tonight! Check out their massive discount rack outside the shop while enjoying a special acoustic set. Fresh finds from the co-owners' thrifting adventures will be available, as well as their excellent collection of jewelry and accessories. Last Thursday has new rules for live music, and now bands can only play acoustic sets in order for everyone to have an equal opportunity to be heard (aww, so Portland.) The guys who are playing tonight usually don’t play together so the show should be casual and fun. Don’t miss out on the other great shops in the area, and all the silly people watching at this epic NE party. Show starts at 8pm tonight, grab a drink and enjoy the sun, as I’m sure it's going to be a busy night on Alberta. Backtalk is located at 1609 NE Alberta St.

More about the band:

5 guys, Isaac Thelin , Forest Gallien, Rick Buhr, Ari Wubbold, Matt Celentano are playing tonight. They don't usually all play together it will be kind of an impromptu show! Isaac and Forest are from up and coming portland band Rare Monk. The set up is 2 guitars, bass, cajon (box drum) and violin as well as 2 and 3 part harmonies. They will play some original stuff by Matt Celentano, their own renditions of some folk classics, and throw in a few pop covers.