When I was a design student, and soon thereafter an independent designer trying to make it with my own label, I would become livid if I heard of yet another celebrity coming out with their own line. Nowadays I don't really care, and I am not sure if it's because I don't design anymore or if it's because celebrity designers are so commonplace. Actually some of these celebrity designers do put out some great stuff, and if they give hilarious interviews about the fashion industry, well I say let them keep designing. Case in point, Liam Gallagher, celebrity "designer" of Pretty Green, gave an interview recently to Telegraph and it was very refreshing that he admitted that he does not actually design the clothes, as so many other celebrities would lead you to believe. He does approve everything however, and if he doesn't like it "it gets binned." He goes on to say he spends a lot of money on clothes so he knows his shit, whereas other celebrities are just given clothing and probably don't know what they're wearing. He also says he would never use a stylist and, "If someone turned around to me and was like, 'here mate, take that rubbish off that you've worked your b———- off to buy and get this on you…" that he would never do that. (What is this b-word they bleeped out?) Whatever you think about celebrity designers, this interview was quite entertaining, and the clothing put out by Pretty Green is actually pretty cool, even if it is just a re-hash of the clothing the mods wore in the 60s (and really, what isn't a re-hash of something else these days anyway?)

Pretty Green Mac Jacket
  • Pretty Green Mac Jacket