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Not to be overly dramatic, but quite recently I had a life changing experience while getting my palm read by Linda Cahan. You may recognize her name from a few of my previous posts about feng-shui. Ms. Cahan has been has been doing palmistry and intuitive counseling since 1975, she has read for a handful of celebs, and is extremely well versed in all things “new age.”

It all stared a couple weeks ago, when a new friend visiting from London inquired about palm reading (she was quite skeptic, and thought she would never want to do anything in the psychic realm). I immediately told her about Linda, and we decided to go for it. Fast forward to this past Sunday, and whoa did we have our minds blown. Not only did Linda go into very private details of both of our personal lives, she gave us clear and constructive advice. Writing about it here doesn’t nearly describe the otherworldly experience we both had.

If you have ever been slightly interested in palm reading, or physic counseling I would highly recommend setting up a time to see Ms. Cahan. She is holding a Palmistry workshop this Sunday at New Renaissance. This is great way to check it out for yourself!

Palmistry is an ancient practice that has evolved through the ages into a very complex and fascinating study. Through the process of learning about the hands, we can discover a wealth of information about ourselves, our inner and outer worlds, and what makes us tick. In this workshop you will learn many of the basics of reading a person through looking at and feeling their hands. And, to help you open up your intuitive and psychic senses Linda will also lead you through some helpful psychic development exercises. In the workshop you'll be learning to read palms by practicing on each other in the group and will be encouraged to practice afterwards on friends and family.
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